Manage your health!

Your ears are sensitive to fatigue. Overwork, stress, and lack of sleep can affect your hearing. Getting plenty of sleep and staying healthy can help you focus on the concert experience.

Be prepared!

During a concert, you may feel discomfort in your ears depending on where you are. It is important to have options such as moving away from the area temporarily or having concert earplugs ready just in case.

Rest after enjoying a concert!

Unlike the music you listen to every day, the sound volume from a concert leaves fatigue built up in your ears. After enjoying a concert, be sure to rest your ears as well as your body.


In addition to letting us hear sounds, our ears also help us stay aware of our surroundings and detect danger quickly.
But in our day to day lives, we don't often think about our ears or our hearing.
The SAFE LISTENING project encourages people to learn about sound, ears, and hearing with a focus on enjoying music safely.
We hope music lovers will take notice, and take an interest in their ears.