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Earphones and headphones, which have become integral to our daily lives, can make it difficult for our ears to catch important signals that alert us of immediate dangers. It is all too easy to blithely continue listening to music irrespective of time and environment.
The ear’s ability to respond to its environment is incredible. Almost immediately it can adapt to extremely loud volumes. This also applies to listening volumes, that, before you know it, have become unhealthily loud.
Long term listening, too, can put undue pressure on our senses of hearing. When you are absorbed in your favourite album it is easy to forget how much time has passed. Taking breaks from listening is important not only to the health of your ears, but also to the enjoyment of music.
It isn’t the aim of this site to inform you of how to enjoy music, or to press you with the opinion that your listening habits are improper. Its aim is to inform you of safe listening practices. Above all, we hope that you will take an interest in the preservation of your sense of hearing. That is the purpose of Safe Listening.

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